"The Mbrace guitar support system allows easy onstage use of a second instrument by holding your acoustic or electric in its playing position. The unit attaches to your mic stand and also features cushions to prevent marring of the instrument's finish."

-Guitar Player

"Performers who use more than one guitar in the same song can now mount their stand-by ax to a standard microphone stand. The Mbrace attaches to any guitar equipped with two strap buttons, and it holds the instrument in playing position so that it's easy to make the swtch."

-Acoustic Guitarist

"The dealer can use Mbrace to display any guitar on sale. It can hold electric, acoustic, and bass guitars and can be switched to accommodate left-handed models as well."

-Music Retailer

This is the perfect accessory for the performing guitarist who is need of a highly portable, low-cost alternative to antiquated, bulky and expensive stand-up guitar supports/stands, such as the Gracie Stand. The best part about the MBrace is it will work on any instrument, unlike other stand-up guitar supports that are specifically designed for only acoustic guitars. The MBrace simply screws onto any tripod microphone stand and then the instrument is attached to the MBrace via a adjustable guitar strap. Your strap simply clips onto your instruments strap buttons and then you thread the strap through the MBrace holes.

- Guitarfiles USA